How To Remove Moss From Your Roof

Keeping your roof in tip top condition is essential to extend its lifespan and avoid unnecessary costs. But what should you do if you discover moss growing on your roof which can cause damage to roof tiles and lead to other problems such as blocked gutters? Here we look at why moss grows on roofs, what to do about it – and perhaps just as importantly what not to do if you spot problem moss.

What Causes Moss on Roofs:

• Moss is a plant-like organism which travels as air-borne spores and can grow on virtually any roofing material. It thrives in damp and shady conditions.
• Moss is often found on roofs near trees with north and west facing roofs more prone to growth as they remain damp for longer.

Why is Moss on Roofs a Problem?

• If left untreated, moss can reduce a roof’s lifespan. Its root systems can dig down into the roof covering and allow in water which can lead to degradation through frost attack and shaling (where the slate layers come apart).
• In extreme cases, the growths can also cause tiles and slates to lift, letting in more moisture – with the potential for roof leaks – and making them vulnerable to strong winds.
• Moss can become dislodged in heavy rain and lead to blocked gutters and outlets. This can especially happen directly after a lengthy dry spell where the moss has dried out.

How to Get Rid of Moss on Roofs:

• The best way to get rid of moss is by dislodging it with a wire brush and scraping it by hand from the roof – brushing carefully in a downward direction.
• Once removed, there are a variety of different moss resistant sprays on the market that can be applied to infected roof areas. They will help kill roof growth, including moss, and prevent regrowth for up to five years.
• Contact a reputable roofing contractor for a proper assessment and obtain quotes for any works.

What to Avoid:

• DO NOT attempt to power-wash the moss from the roof as this can cause more damage by washing away the protective surface of the slate or tile.
• DO NOT paint the area as this can seal drainage channels within the slates and tiles. Sealing drainage channels can lead to water leaks and internal damage to the building.

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