Maurice Fox, known to the team as Mo, joined Old Plean Roofing as Site Supervisor in January 2021.

His role involves overseeing the work of the firm’s team of seven men, including an apprentice, as they carry out roofing jobs across Central Scotland.

Mo, who lives in Muirhead, is an experienced tradesman with a career spanning nearly 30 years in the construction industry.

The 50-year-old began his career as a brick labourer before working as a construction plant operator for around 20 years and most recently as Site Supervisor for a housing development firm.

He can turn his hand to a number of trades as well as being experienced in people management.

He says: “I’m loving working for Old Plean Roofing and feel I’ve fitted in well with the team and with Fiona and Mark – everyone has been very welcoming and it’s just a great honest company where everyone is there to get the job done.”

Mo’s day to day role involves ensuring his team have the right safety equipment, are carrying out risk assessments and generally working to the best of their ability.

He says: “On the maintenance side for smaller jobs, I’ll be making sure the guys have the correct job sheets and know exactly what they are going to do – if they are going out to clean out a gutter, for example, I’ll be making sure they are properly geared up and have all the materials they need.

“For our bigger jobs, where the team might be on a site for a month or more, I carry out site visits and make sure everyone is working safely.

“So if they are using scaffolding I’ll check that it’s safe, ensure the guys are wearing the correct PPE, that they are following protocols and carrying out risk assessments properly.

“I also keep an eye on their general welfare so I know how they are doing and if they have any problems they can come and talk to me.”

Mo hopes the skills he brings to the job may help him move up the company ladder in the coming years.

He said: “I was attracted to the job because it was everything I’d been looking for in terms of having the scope to take on more responsibility in time and to be a part of the company as it grows.

“I knew I could provide the skills Mark and Fiona were looking for and I’m excited to prove I have those skills and can do what they want me to do.

“I also get a lot of job satisfaction from seeing the projects progress well and from the teamwork that’s involved in our work every day.”