An Interview with our MD

About Mark Thornton:

Here at TCC we are very excited to be launching our new business. It has been a long-time goal of our MD Mark to set up a consultancy to the construction industry. In a recent interview, Mark had an ideal opportunity to explain a little bit more about himself and TCC.

You have been working in construction for quite a while now, can you tell me a little bit about your ‘roofing journey’?

I started in roofing when I was 12, long before the days of health and safety! Dad had a roofing firm and he liked cheap help, my first pay packet was £2 for a week working in the holidays as a labourer.

Over the years, I worked my way through the family business and ended up as an Ops Director. I then got itchy feet and moved to Scotland where I worked for a couple of large construction companies as a technical/procurement manager meaning I was involved in many aspects of the building envelope.

So, what made you want to set up TCC?

Over the years, I’ve seen a steady decline in knowledge and skills in the roofing industry which has led to buildings being built sub-standard, resulting in problem legacy buildings. I’ve set up TCC to help reverse this trend and raise awareness in the industry of what makes a ‘good’ sustainable building.

What sort of clients are you wanting to connect with?

I want to connect with clients, architects, main and sub-contractors and QS’s to address building and design issues, raise skill levels and show them how a well-designed and thought out building can have a positive impact on their companies.

It sounds like you’re kept busy, if you do have any spare time what sort of things do you like to fill it with?

I really enjoy designing stuff especially garden buildings and take great satisfaction in seeing my ideas become reality. I always have a DIY project on the go, at the moment it’s bird boxes for the garden!

I also enjoy getting out into the beautiful Scottish countryside and beaches, spending time with my family and I also spend quite a bit of time pretending to train the dog!

And finally, you’ve mentioned the dog, can you tell me a little bit about your company mascot, Cooper?

Cooper is our wonderful puppy from the Dogs Trust in Ballymena so he barks with an Irish accent, the Scottish dogs have been very welcoming though and have learned to understand his accent. He is responsible for office morale and oversees the biscuit tin!