Cooper’s Corner – July 2018

Hello to all my two-legged fans tis me Cooper or as they call me at “the club” Super Coop. I have been very HOT, my pets have been so worried about me, they bought this big round drinking bowl for the garden…… then they put me in it!!! I was disgusted, why would they think I would want to sit in my lovely new big water bowl, I really don’t understand them sometimes, well most of the time actually. The short one put some of my lovely frozen sprats in it and tried to get me to go in to get them, SERIOUSLY sprats in my water bowl!!!! They have a really big water bowl at “the club” (that’s me sitting beside it in the picture) but I just sat on the step and kept an eye on the guys, after all someone has to look after Health and Safety, though the lack of PPE was shocking. The hairy two-legged one says he’s going to get me my very own High Vis, I don’t know what that is, but it sounds rather exciting and tasty. I have noticed the hairy one doing some very odd things recently, before I take him for a walk he goes out on to the pavement and puts his hand on it, I’ve seen him do this a few times I think the heat has boiled his brain, then during my daily massage he keeps finding these things called ticks??? They must be very scary because he starts shouting at the short one to get the tick thing. I’m pretty chilled at this point but it does get annoying getting my massage interrupted because they get a bit scared by a tick!!

Oh, I nearly forgot, I have a new two-legged to look after. I’m still training her, and I think it might take a while before she completes her training. There have been a few issues which I have had to write up:

  • Chair rolling over tail: several times a day,
  • Door being opened on head: several times a day,
  • Not sharing food when requested: always.

But on the plus side she does smell quite nice and the music she listens to is better than the stuff the hairy one listens to.

I do miss the hairy one when he’s away, this week I heard them say he’s in something called Wales playing with Danosa and SPRA they better not be dogs because if they are, well safe to say I’ll have a bark with my union rep who is a rather nippy whippet who you seriously would not want to mess with!!

That’s all for now folks, I’m off for a big stretch and a roll on the grass.