Cooper’s Corner – January 2018

ITS SNOWING……..I love the snow, its fluffy and soft and you can see where I‘ve been, if you know what I mean! I especially like making snow dog angels, though I heard one of the two legged ones say to the other one that it looks like Picasso has been let loose in the garden, I don’t know what kind of dog Picasso is but he can get his own snow, this stuff is mine.

I’ve been very busy looking after the humans I really don’t know how they managed when they didn’t have me to organise them, it’s really tiring herding them all the time, I just get them together in one place and one of them will wander off, it’s not easy being a dog you know!! And as for the cats the snooty grey one keeps playing dead when I try to play with him and the fat fluffy one gives me the evil eye whenever I lick her face, honestly you would think my breath smelled bad the way she carries on, nothing wrong with MY doggy smells. It’s very strange though the way the humans go on about my other end smell, they keep lighting those burny things they call candles and I heard one of them say the smell was that bad it was melting their face, you know that hurt, dogs have feelings and I like the smell of me.