Cooper’s Corner – December 2017


Our receptionist does have the unfortunate habit of meeting and greeting all visitors to the TCC office by having a good old sniff and then possibly a sly hand lick. But don’t be alarmed our official meet and greeter is a beautiful (ok we’re biased!) chocolate mutt called Cooper. He loves nothing more than meeting new folk or as he calls them “FANS”. Apart from being delightfully daft he has various hobbies, these include tormenting the cats with big sloppy kisses, chasing imaginary friends and barking at any strange item he can find especially leaves. Cooper’s opinion is that they have a reputation for being particularly dangerous as you never know when one might creep up on you or blow past you!

As well as holding the key position of receptionist Cooper is also in charge of office morale(he is a master of hug me and everything will feel better), the biscuit tin (custard creams are a firm fave) and team building (tug of war with anything!)